Therapeutic power of imagination, play, and the arts

Come experience the healing and transformative power of imagination, play, and the arts.  Imagination is one of the most fundamental, essential human faculties.  We make sense of our experiences, form a sense of self, connect with others, project our possibilities in the world, and create a desirable future with this innate imaginative capacity. 

However, sometimes our imagination gets injured due to various challenges we face in our everyday life, and as a result we experience psychological difficulty.  We may feel stuck, confused, helpless, powerless, or worthless.  What is required in such situations is restoration of imagination, revitalization of our psyche, and re-imagining of self.

The arts, as disciplined play and media of imagination, foster the restoration of imagination. Expressive arts therapy fosters such restorative process by facilitating a playful, imaginative self-exploration process.  It provides a sense of safety through the frame of play, a distance of fiction, and a means for expression in various forms--images, sound, movement, action, and words--to give fuller expression to our feelings and thoughts for maximum clarity of our understanding.  WIth the creative power of imagination and the manifesting and transformative power of the arts, the exploration leads us to surprising self-discovery, self-empowerment, self-acceptance, healing, and self-transformation.

Nao Sasaki also uses Yoga technique to work with the body with awareness and sensitivity, gently releasing suppressed emotions and trauma, balancing the nervous systems, and restoring a sense of wellbeing to the whole system. 

Nao offers individual Expressive Arts therapy and therapeutic yoga sessions in English and Japanese at her home studio in Vancouver.  The studio is conveniently located near Commercial Drive, 5 minute walk from Commercial-Broadway Skytrain station.  For workshops and classes, please click on the tab “workshops” above. 

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Welcome to Nao’s Expressive Arts and Yoga Studio






表現アートセラピーは色、形、音、からだの動き、ことばなど様々な形態を使って、思いのままに自由に表現をしながら、イマジネーションを解放し、ゆっくりと心との対話を進めていきます。 アートを通してひととき日常から離れ、空想の世界でのびのびと翼を広げることで、視野が開けて新しい自分や見失っていた自分が見えてくるかもしれません。


日本語と英語による個人セッションを行います。自宅スタジオはコマーシャルドライブのそばで、スカイトレインの駅から歩いて5分、交通の便の良いところにあります。ワークショップやクラスについては ページ上の “workshops” をクリックして下さい。




                   Nao Sasaki MA RTC


telephone: (604)877-2232

*Please give her a call if you do not hear from her by e-mail within a few days. 

studio address: 1747 E 5th Ave., Vancouver (off Commercial Drive, 5 minute walk from Commercial-Broadway station)

Explore, express, and empower

with the wings of imagination